For professional experience, see CV.


2013 - Present
OcelotBOT is a multipurpose Discord bot aimed at servers with small groups of people.

  • Written in JS, with some auxiliary services written in Go.
  • Currently used by ~60,000 servers.
  • ~1,000 Daily Active Users.
  • Hosted on Docker Swarm.
  • Backed by CockroachDB and Redis for high availability.


2017 - Present
Ethan is a Discord currency bot for RP servers.

  • Based on the framework built for OcelotBOT.
  • Used in ~600 servers.
  • Hosted on Docker Swarm.

Discord Report Powertools

A browser script designed to make reporting on Discord easier.

  • Written in Vanilla JS.
  • Adds preset report content to Discord’s reporting.


2016 - 2017
Petify was a Spotify clone made for playing locally hosted music.

  • Frontend built in AngularJS, then later rebuilt with React
  • Backend built with NodeJS
  • OAuth 2.0 login system
  • Queue, playlist, and intelligent shuffle features
  • Automatic song metadata, title and album artwork fetching
  • Remote playback control


Petermon was a smart home platform with an emphasis on being able to write complex automations in the browser.

  • Support for different device classes.
  • Ingested data from a mobile phone.
  • Automation creation with triggers, conditions and actions within the browser.
  • Used an Arduino to control physical devices via 433mhz wireless.


These projects are projects that I contributed significantly to, but did not create or manage.


2021 - Present Malware analysis focussing on information stealers.

  • Contributed to the research of the operation of information stealers.
  • Created frontend for malware analysis in React.
  • Reverse engineered encryption methods and source code used by malware. is a robotics telepresence platform.

  • Worked on the frontend written in React
  • Created custom robotics software and contributed to the official software.
  • Created DIY robot designs